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In Haiti, a long walk for education BEUDORET, Haiti, 16 December 2014 – The eyes of Joel Matthieu, 35, light up when he talks about his love for teaching.He makes a lot of sacrifices every day, starting with the 90-minute journey he takes every day on foot and motorcycle over precarious roads to reach Beudoret, a small locality in Haiti’s North department.Latest Response and prevention: battling cholera in Haiti SOUTH EAST DEPARTMENT/LA MONTAGNE, Haiti, 9 March 2017 - “Washing hands before eating and nursing the baby, washing hands after relieving myself, using Aquatabs to purify the water.” Miss Desloges, 64 years old, easily recites the actions that will protect her and her family from cholera with a calm, somewhat monotonous voice.

My friend got cholera – she almost died,” says Maria, 12 years old. Michel d’Attalye, in Haiti’s Artibonite department. In Haiti, 15 new schools bring better learning to remote areas BOUCAN, Haiti, 21 January 2015 – “Each one of these schools is an orchestra, and everyone has an important role to play.

If we all play our instruments together and play them well, we can create a beautiful symphony,” says Ecclésiaste Télémaque, Deputy Director of the Haitian Ministry of National Education and Professional Training.

Foster families in Haiti: One girl’s story LES CAYES, Haiti, 29 November 2016 – “I want to become a professor one day,” says Sabrina.

The little girl is seven years old and has a smile that radiates from ear to ear.

Cultivated in China, as early as 4000 BC, Hemp has a long history of use in skin care. I love this, I've been using it for the past 4 years as a face lotion after showering and before applying make up.

Fragrant Vetiver, the “oil of tranquility”, is native to Asia and is known in tropical communities for its calming soothing scent. Leaves my face feeling and looking soft and moisturized.

Back to school in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew LES CAYES, Haiti, 16 November 2016 – “I am very happy to see my friends again and to be back to my school,” says Ashleina Jacques.

She is a young girl, 10 years old, with bright eyes, and she cannot contain her joy.

Neem Oil forms the foundation of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian practice of natural health.

Documented for 4,000 years in Sanskrit, among Neem Oil’s many benefits is the ability to hydrate and moisturize skin. I have another bottle - African Black Soap body lotion on my closet and can't wait to try.

Rachel Bertrand is on a mission to improve the care of HIV-positive children and young adults in Haiti.

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