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On one hand, I am finally into my career making six figures, nice car, own my house, funding retirement properly, paying off student loans. I have noticed a little graying and thinning of my hair but oh well. In my late thirties the "game" has changed significantly in my favor. However, the quality of prospects seems to have dried up. There are a lot of compromises to be made in order to find a suitable partner. The one This is definitely a huge factor, if you're in a small town, or even a smallish city, the dating scene past 30 as a guy can be pretty amazingly shitty.

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However, if a woman takes care of herself and looks good and has interest in sex at 45, she is more attractive than a 32 year old woman with red flags.

I love these threads, Ask Men just derpadity derping per usual. Just a nice bloke who's shy and nerdy and hitting his stride and finally his time to shine sand good for you! She's got issues because any girl single over 30 has issues and uhhh single moms!!! LOL at the notion that you SAPs are just gonna start cleaning up in the dating game.44 here, it's up and down.

Many successful women like their yang to their yin. it was several miles so more like a 10k of shame but thats besides the point... I still date the same age range of girls, but I have more money and apathy so things tend to be a lot easier. Almost impossible to find long-term relationship material.

You ever see commercials of career type women checking out construction workers or firemen? It does seem that menopause and perimenopause take their toll on women's libidos starting around 40.

From fella to fella, I'll tell you my latest strategy which is working.

I'm focusing more on her education and work / life XP over looks.

he has said that it's way easier to get laid after 30( if you're not a slob) because your competition is almost nill Very true. Which isn't always a bad thing but when it's 24/7 you come off as bitter because you're assuming I'm going to do x or I did x, y, z because in past relationships that's what happened.

You have the pick of both women your age, but also the younger girls who back when you were their age preferred older guys. By lumping me in with the rest of the guys from your past instead of giving me a fresh start you seem like someone who is bitter against all men.

I'd much rather talk with a cutie who's smart and experienced than a smoking hot girl who'd be perfect to bang but would also drain your patience and your bank account just as fast.

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