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I just summed up 99% of all the PUA products out there, didn’t I.

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The easiest way to know if Pandora’s Box will help you is to imagine a girl you know that you’d like to date or hook up with TODAY – and take this 3-minute quiz answering a few questions about her.

You’ll instantly know which of the 8 personalities SHE has, and what you can do to start steering your relationship in the .

And I’m not talking about any of that “2 or 3 out of 10 girls” bull***t.

Di Carlo was “mind reading”, approaching and succeeding 9 out of 10 times because he already knew what the girl was looking for – and knew the approach that “her type” just couldn’t resist!

Don’t forget, you’ve got an entire month to test the system out for yourself – and if you don’t see results from it, you can always get a refund.

All you do is literally just email Vin Di Carlo directly, and he’ll send you back your money just like that. Claim Your Seat For Vin Di Carlo’s Pandora’s Box Right Now!I was up until about 4 in the morning that day devouring all the information, as well as the entire following day.I read about what makes each type of woman tick, the step-by-step instruction guides on approaching them, flirting with them and closing the deal 🙂 Since Vin Di Carlo’s Pandora’s Box comes with , I knew it was risk-free and I had some time to put all of this new information to use, and could simply get my money back if I wasn’t swimming in chicks as promised.. I went out to a bar the next night to put what I learned into action. picked out an interesting girl, identified her type, made the “ideal” approach… We began talking, I kept the conversation going based on her type’s likes and turn-ons, and before I knew it, she was handing me her number! I picked one out, identified what I thought to be her type, and made the approach.I also liked the videos because it’s not too often that you get a dozen chicks’ different opinions on their preferred ways of pick up! Something I tested (results below), this quiz allows you to learn the exact type of the woman you approach with just 3 simple, innocent questions in less than a minute.It’s real useful when you’re in a crowded club or bar, and trying to find an ideal girl QUICKLY without wasting much time. It’s hard to describe everything that’s taught in here in a paragraph – so I figured I’d put up a screenshot for you of a guide for ONE of the types.😉 I gotta say, I don’t think I could’ve done better that night without actual mind reading powers.

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