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By now, we all know the frequently asked questions about coaching.But the ,000 question remains: What separates the highly successful coaches from the also-rans?Transform standard missionary-style sex into sizzling passion with one of these position-switching moves: 1. (It'll transform you into a sultry femme fatale from a '40s movie; perhaps he'll want to role-play the hard-boiled private eye.) On your next date night, slide his palm under your skirt just far enough so that he realizes you aren't wearing your usual undergarments.

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For maximum pleasure, hit the gym together late in the day, as close to your personal blastoff time as possible.

Think of your favorite move, then give it a raunchy name.

Graze the nape of his neck with your chandelier earrings.

Or skim your super long strand of faux pearls up and down his legs.

Instead of parking your hands in his hair or on the small of his back, keep your fingertips — with their oh-so-sensitive nerve endings — roaming over his body.

This extrasensory experience will supersize both your pleasure and his.

Rather than holding in your breath as an orgasm approaches, slowly breathe out, expelling all the air from your lungs before inhaling again.

Celebs are always (tastefully, for the most part) displaying their public affection, whether it be on the red carpet or courtside at the big game.

Extravagant claims are par for the course in the world of coaching education.

One enterprising site proclaims that all you need to succeed is the gift of gab, and the rest “is paint by numbers.” The pitch concludes, “When was the last time you were sent flowers from those you worked with—just for being you—and by the way, being indispensable in their life?

Next time you're Ben & Jerry's-bound, split a scoop with your sweetie.

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