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As long as they had one income earner – and most did – even quite poor households could get a modest home.

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Although the Whitlam government restricted the sale of new stock and significantly increased funds for public housing, the waiting lists continued to grow.

In the post-Whitlam era public housing has not fared well.

The national development minister, Bill Spooner, was opposed to the sale of public housing because low-income workers had “no culture of thrift or sense of community obligation.” By the end of 1956, over 14 per cent of all dwellings built in Australia were public housing and perhaps 25 per cent (this is hard to measure accurately) owner built.

The middle-ring suburbs of our biggest cities were alive with owner-builders, often living in makeshift garages on site.

He calls the first agreement a “public housing dream” that responded to the extreme housing shortage after the second world war (very few dwellings were built during the war because of material and labour restrictions) and the demand of returned service people for a better life.

Troy demonstrates how governments have intervened in housing markets in diverse ways, including via war-service home loans and other finance options, by using government-owned land, and by building and managing apartments and houses.

There is a hint in this account of Troy’s own battles with Treasury when he was deputy head of the Department for Urban and Regional Development in the Whitlam government.

He was involved in devising an urban and regional budget to examine the locational impact of Commonwealth government spending, an initiative that Treasury regarded as an affront.

The same is true of many of what were once on the urban fringe but are now the middle-ring suburbs in all our capital cities.

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