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"You'll be in condition so you won't get tired doing the dishes." Charlotte Cook, a pert 18-year old who has smashed the American records in both the 440 and 880, declares, "Track guarantees a good figure." You wouldn't guess by looking at her that Ra Nae Bair rates as the best woman javelin thrower in the United States. Meyers, a "southpaw with a 1-1 record, starts against Reno in the second game of a doubleheader.For women track stars these days are feminine, not the prototype of the bulgy muscled gals associated with the sport in the past. Miss Van Doren stepped off the plane in a low-cut pink summer dress and accepted a bouquet of roses from Mrs.

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The exchange started July 6 and club members will return to their Wisconsin homes Wednesday.

The Essex group will come to Manitowoc at the end of summer in 1967.

"I still won't talk about how I've changed my game unless and until I win this tournament," said Cupit.

' - about to be fired or retired be Si ' ' I 1 i r l 1 : 1 14- tui " ' ' ' fcm n-n ivmn! f'l Hl i'iiiriiliiriiiiiiriiii Mli1ieiiih Tn'mwj tions, breezed into town Friday cause of a dispute with Defense Minister Paul Hellyer over inte nignt on ner way to a baseball game. Miss Van Doren arrivprl at tha yiiiuii'iu Coif League -Results- RLKi WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIAOUI (Falrvitw Oo H Cram) Standing Rear Adms. "Jacky has gotten rid of the loop on his back swing," said Casper, the U. "It's a different swing." Cupit, who tacked a 66 onto his opening round 65 to take a two-stroke lead in the $100,000 tourney, is still playing it sly.

It may be that Billy Casper, Cupit's partner in the second round Friday, spilled the beans. "Jacky's swing is more orthodox now, more compact," added Casper.

Burchell, 54, confirmed their early retire Sacramento airport with 19-year old Lee Meyers, her husband of two months who pitches for the Crushers of Lodi. "I'll see Lee Ditch for the first By LEW FERGUSON ST. (AP) -Jacky Cupit has been teasing sports writers with talk about changes in his game which he says are responsible (or the 11-under par 131 he carried into the third round of the Minnesota Golf Classic today.The subways were truly an ex Caleckl's 5"j, Koeppel's t'il Cut Outfielder Hurls Perfect Relief Stint Throats I'-i. The junior leaders are separ letes and to all the sports fans." Miss Bair doesn't think the athletes in either Russia or the most of his opportunity.Steaemann's Sentry Hi green, kept him from building a stronger lead. Miss Cook Ihis morning a newspaper Mel Queen says his chance to pitch was an outfielder's dream come true and the former hark ninf nd finished with a b7 . FOX HILLI WEDNESDAY LIAOUI ated throughout the county The 24-year-old right-hander came to interview me.Manitowoc (Wis.) Herald-Times, Sat., July 1 6, 1 966 Two Rivers Reporter M7 tupit Racks Up a 66; Crabs Two-Stroke Lead in Classic Admirals Quit Mamie fo See Hubby Hurl for 1st Time After Dispute fc. 4 OTTAWA (AP) - Two of Canada's four rear admirals Associated Press Sports Writer Present Day Gals Finding Glamor in Track and Field have asked for early retirement o AWl AMENTO, Calif. (AP)-Gals these days find glamor in track and field.(AP)-Mamie Van Doren, one of Hollywood's most durable nttrnp. "It's the next best thing to a dishwasher," says 15-year-old Delores Stoneback.In fact, about 25% of our students are 22 or older, one of the highest percentages in the UW System.

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