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Ironically, the more efficient an engine is, the more of the fuel is combusted, so more water is produced.

So the more modern an engine is, the more likely it is to produce a persistent contrail.

You can see these photos on the Amazon page linked above. I suspect the actual date of these photos is pre-1991, but that’s certainly the latest possible date.

1984, Rustler Peak, Oregon Old and new spreading contrails.

The biggest wave of anti-immigrant resentment in American history, a nativistic movement called Knownothingism, swept the country.

Irish and German immigrants became the main targets for this militant and aggressive group.

Then, as now, Oregon has a lot of North/South flyover traffic going between California and Portland/Seattle/Vancouver.

The above photo is from a collection of photos of forest lookouts in Oregon.“It is wonderfully picturesque and it beggars belief to think that until just over 25 years ago it was part of the Soviet Union.I’ve collected together a few photos of persistent spreading contrails from the past from 1991 back to 1940, just to show that this is nothing new, and that skies exactly like those shown on the “chemtrails” conspiracy web sites have been happening for the past 60 years.1944, Contrails formed over Germany by the 91st Bomb Group on a mission to Zeitz, Germany on 30 November 1944 1940, Europe, Bomber with fighter escorts 1940s, From the 1950 book [UPDATE] Here’s a collection of photos from “fuzzylogic”, originally posted on They are are all from the site, and most are dated in the 1960s and 1970s.Here’s some from 1990, taken by a tourist in Washington DC: New York, 1994, New York, July 1, 1992 Persisting and Spreading Contrail.

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