Afrikaans dating culture

Education solely in the vernaculars has never reached beyond the sixth year of school.

On another level, there are linguistic tensions between the ethnic Europeans and the black majority, mostly in regard to language instruction in schools.

This issue was the spark that ignited the tragic Soweto riots in 1976.

When not taught in English, Afrikaners were schooled in Dutch, a language equally foreign to them by the early 19th century.

They did not win the right to be taught in Afrikaans until 1925, since which time English and Afrikaans have been officially on equal footing.

Within the past 33 years the South African government has forcibly relocated 2 to 3 million blacks in "tribal homelands," scattered like tiny islands within the national borders.

Theoretically each tribe has its own separate homeland, all at various stages of "independence." These are attempts by the South African government to absolve themselves of responsibility for blacks while still benefiting from black migratory labor.These reserves are, for the most part, in remote and barren areas where poverty, malnutrition, and mortality are worse than in the cities.In addition, as tribal groups have traditionally been defined by language, the homelands separate blacks linguistically, thus limiting their contact with people from other groups.A school board there was dismissed in early February for resisting the imposition of Afrikaans.Protest began at that school and swelled over a period of months to the other schools, with the support of teachers, parents, and students.Afrikaners, who today constitute roughly 60% of the white population, have since 1948 almost completely dominated politics.

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