Album art not updating

The cover art shows correctly on the web page for the release, but Picard will not load the picture when I try to tag the album. It would still be nice if the program would indicate that cover art was missing.

What is missing are the smaller versions to be shown on the Musicbrainz page itself. Look also on this post: For future reference, here you can check the status of the Cover Art Archives server.

Picard is also failing to acknowledge the new artwork. The one image visible on that page is also due to be removed to be replaced by my cleanly scanned set. If you see a red line in the top-left graph, the server is experiencing difficulties.

When that happens here, after doing the lookup (or whatever) to populate the information in the right side panel in Picard, I just drag a local copy of the image file onto Picard and it uses that for the tagging.

Hey there, i have a similar problem, picard doesn’t load various cover artworks i uploaded during the past week.

As I understand things, all bugs, feature requests and development requests are put into the ticket system.

Then a team of largely volunteer coders decide what is highest priority or what suits their individual skill set or area of interest, and get to work on it.

For example, reflect a bunch of edits that were approved at today (it’s here now).

The first image (18411439759) should be approved (same with all the others), and the second one (15815751194) has been deleted — so it shouldn’t be there at all.

For example, the Mary Poppins soundtrack shows no image art.

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