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They defeated the Buono/Silva (D), Kaplan/Bell (L), Welzer/Alessandrini (I), Sare/Todd (I), Araujo/Salamanca (I), Schroeder/Moschella (I) and Boss/Thorne (I) ticket(s) in the general election.

On November 3, 2009, Chris Christie won election to the office of Governor of New Jersey.

Governor • Lieutenant Governor • Secretary of State • Attorney General • Treasurer • Comptroller• Commissioner of Education • Agriculture Secretary • Insurance Commissioner • Commissioner of Environmental Protection • Labor Commissioner • Public Utilities Board The Governor of the State of New Jersey is an elected constitutional officer, the head of the executive branch and the highest state office and only elected statewide office in New Jersey.

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He defeated Douglas Forrester, Hector Castillo, Jeffrey Pawlowski, Matthew Thieke, Richard Codey, and Ed Forchion in the general election.

On November 6, 2001, James Mc Greevey won re-election to the office of Governor of New Jersey.

New Jersey's governor is also the commander-in-chief of the militia.

He nominates all general and flag officers and the state militia and has ultimate authority for seeing that the state's militia is properly trained.

He defeated Bret Schundler, William Schluter, Jerry Coleman, Mark Edgerton, George Watson Jr, Michael Koontz, Constantino Rozzo, and Kari Sachs in the general election.

The salaries of the governor and lieutenant governor are established by the New Jersey State Legislature as mandated by the state constitution.New Jersey governors are restricted to two consecutive terms in office, after which they must wait four years before being eligible to run again.New Jersey Constitution, Article V, Section 1, Paragraph 5 No person who has been elected Governor for two successive terms, including an unexpired term, shall again be eligible for that office until the third Tuesday in January of the fourth year following the expiration of the second successive term.Thus, unlike many other states that have elections for some cabinet-level positions, under the New Jersey State Constitution the governor appoints the entire cabinet, subject to confirmation by the New Jersey Senate.The governor is charged with faithfully upholding and executing the laws of New Jersey, a power that includes enforcing all constitutional and statutory mandates as well as restraining actions.Article V, Section I, Paragraph 12 of the New Jersey Constitution says the following: Text of Section I, Paragraph 12: 10. The Governor and the Lieutenant Governor shall each receive for services a salary, which shall be neither increased nor diminished during the period for which the Governor or Lieutenant Governor shall have been elected or appointed. The Governor shall appoint the Lieutenant Governor to serve as the head of a principal department or other executive or administrative agency of State government, or delegate to the Lieutenant Governor duties of the office of Governor, or both.

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