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Simply check the option which says ‘Test my Access Token’ and paste it in to see whether or not it’s valid.

There’s no need to set a Page ID when testing as it will just use the default Page ID which is hard coded into the demo.

Solution: Check the top of your page to see whether there is a ‘Publish my page’ or similar button.

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This will then provide you with your own Access Token.

If you’re having an issue updating the plugin then please see this FAQ.

The maximum post limit varies depending on how much data is associated with your posts, but it’s usually around 100.

The feed you’re trying to display has to be a publicly accessible page.

If you don’t see any posts then your Access Token isn’t valid.

Solution: To fix this issue, simply update the plugin to the latest version (Free: v2.7, Pro: v3.4.1) and click the blue Facebook button labeled “Log in and get my Access Token” on the plugin’s settings page.

You can check this by going to the plugin’s Settings page, clicking on the Support tab and then scrolling down to your System Info section.

In the section labeled ## SITE/SERVER INFO: ## you should see the three items highlighted below.

Error: (#200) Access to this data is temporarily disabled for non-active apps or apps that have not recently accessed this data due to changes we are making to the Facebook Platform. Type: OAuth Exception Code: 200 The easiest way to check whether you’re trying to display posts from a personal profile instead of a page is to view your page on Facebook and see whether you have ‘Friends’, ‘Likes’ or ‘Members’.

If your page has any restrictions on it (age or location) then it means that users are forced to sign into Facebook in order to view your page.

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