Aquarius woman dating a scorpio man

They will have a very independent and private relationship.

Their lives will never be the same, but neither will ever regret it.

The strong Aquarius woman will not hesitate to engage with the enigmatic Scorpio man.

With an air of superiority, they shrewdly contemplate their next powerful move.

When this couple comes to an understanding, it results in a power couple that can weather the storm.

Make up sex will frequently be utilized to wash over arguments.

In the bedroom, the Aquarius woman will generally be in control and the Scorpio man will willingly surrender to her commands.

Her flirty personality and his mystery make for a good combination of unfamiliar territory for both of them.

Instead of being in a big crowd of people, his preference is to engage in an intimate setting with a few of their closest friends.

He could become resentful with her blasé attitude that if things work out, then that’s great. Especially when she tries to reason with him to try and help him.

However, he refrains from breaking down what he is feeling.

Scorpio man and Aquarius woman sex will be unconventional.

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