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As part of the course, the participant’s parents or other caregivers received training on how to coach the participants outside of class.

Conversation, humor and more The group classes focused on conversational skills, appropriate use of humor and electronic communication, identifying sources of friends, entering and exiting conversations, organizing successful get-togethers and handling peer conflict and peer rejection.

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“Our study offers encouraging findings that, through an evidence-based, caregiver-supported intervention, adults with autism can improve in ways that may help them be more successful in these aspects of their lives,” Dr. Although most people with autism struggle with social difficulties, few social skills interventions exist for young adults on the spectrum.

“It’s exciting to see a community-based treatment model using caregiver support to help improve social skills,” comments Kara Reagon, Autism Speaks associate director of dissemination science.

Lasting gains and further improvement The participants returned four months after the training ended for another evaluation.

Those who had completed the course still showed significant gains in social skills and engagement.

Our books and games are filled with lesson plans and activities to help your students understand body language, social cues, conversation skills, hygiene, manners, and more.

Our games work well for individualized instruction or can be used in large group settings.

Social coaches are taught how to assist young adults in making and keeping friends by providing feedback during weekly socialization homework assignments. Classes are on Monday evenings from for Young Adults: Social Skills Training for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Social Challenges” presents the first evidence-based group treatment program for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as other neurodevelopmental disorders and social challenges. These videos are excellent resources for teens to learn basic rules of social etiquette. Intake appointment self-pay rate: 2 Group self-pay rate: 2 The initial intake appointment is 0 if using insurance.

If your insurance company does not cover our program, we offer a reduced self-pay fee of 2 for the intake appointment (30% discount).

The full fee for group sessions is 0 per week (including both parent and teen groups) if using insurance, or 2 per week for self-pay (30% discount).

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