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The product should not be consumed if you find that the taste has been compromised, odour and appearance is odd or it’s exhibiting strange consistency.

Note: this only applies to unopened shelf-stable product.

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The optimal solution is provided by Liebherr – in the Bio Fresh compartment, the perfect storage temperature for vegetables, fruits, fish and meat prevails.

Salami in one piece can be stored in the Dry Safe up to 180 and thus 100 days longer than in the conventional cooling part.

We also make sure there is enough time to answer your questions.

Subject to your request, we can organize additional guided tours for individuals or groups, and guided tours in English.

If you plan your shopping well, you can avoid throwing a chunkful of food products.

Another tip is to use a basket instead of trolley and carry cash with you instead of using credit card. And lastly, familiarise yourself with the ‘best before’ and expiry date.

An expired ‘best before’ date does not trigger a sales ban.

In the food and beverage trade, products that are close to or have already passed its ‘best before’ date are usually given price reduction in order to boost sales.

These small reminders plays a big part on food wastage prevention.

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