Best sex chat between boy and girl in english

***************** Women are like internet virus 1st they enter your life scan yours pockets transfer money edit your mind download their problems delete your smile and hang your life ***************** Son to his Father: My girlfriend has left me & she sent me "private pictures" with herself and her new boyfriend.... ***************** A nice pick-up line: Boy: Hey girl! ***************** Why boys are so careless & irresponsible?? In College Boys Die To Sit With A Girl ***************** Girl To customer care:-Mujhe 1 msg 40 logo ko bhejna h to kese bheju? 3- Pakistanis They have 1 wife & 4 girlfriend But they love their Secretary the most... D=Demand O=OF GIRL=GIRL So next time don't upset..! Boy: because youu have all the things I'm searching for ....Girls boys sms may be funny, decent, cute or love sms.

Best sex chat between boy and girl in english-51

***************** Ek ladki class me gana ga rahi thi "O zara-zara touch me, touch me, touch ME..." Tabhi ek ladka utha OR ladki ko chhu liya aur bola himmat hai to aage Gaa.. Love i Z when i walk to other SIDE of classroom to sharp my pencil, Just to See her..

Long enough to cover the subject & short enough to create INTREST.

Boys Apny Socks Soonghty Huwe: Ziyada Badbu Nahi Hai, Abhi 2,3 Din Aur Chal Jaengi..

Bhaiya but theres only one reason, why a boy calls a girl Didi..

***************** Lovers sitting in a park, boy tries to kiss the girl.. Boy: Don't worry darling "I am already MARRIED" ***************** Why do girls look beautiful?

But All Boys R Always There To Help Any Unknown Girl..;) (Boys r best than girls) ***************** A boy said: i love u to a girl But girl replied s0ry i love sum 1 else The b0y in sad m00d l0oked at the girl and said Bataon teri ammi ko ? 2- Americans They have 1 wife & 1 girlfriend But they love their wife the most. ***************** If any beautiful girl calls you DOG, then you don't be upset because full form of DOG is..? ***************** A nice pick-up line: Boy: Hey girl! ***************** There are 3 types of Men: 1- Europeans They have wife & 1 girlfriend But they love their girlfriend the most. Father: sent them all to her father ***************** Boy: Suit acha pehna he Girl: Thnx Boy:lipstik boht achi lagai he Girl: Thnx Boy: make up bhi boht acha kiya he Girl: Thnxbhaiya" Boy: phir b achi nahi lag rahi. ***************** Boys R Very Kind Than Girls Proof : Most Of The Girls Dont Like To Help Unknown Boys. Boys have g Ud IMAGINATION ***************** Boy: I kiss u without touching U . ***************** Q: Why do Girls live Longer then Boys? (chudail ko kya hoga bhala) Girl: m fine (puch to aise raha hai jese hospital me admit hu) Boy: bf hai?

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