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In contrast to the current legislation (Verpack V), secondary packaging (Umverpackung) must also be treated as sales packaging (according to § 3 par. If a breach of the obligations occurs, it will be considered as an administrative offence and may be punished with a fine of up to 200,000 euros (§ 34 par. The packaging schemes are required to provide incentives to promote the use of highly recyclable materials and the material recyclability of packaging.

The schemes must also provide an annual report to the Zentrale Stelle and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) on the implementation of the guidelines.

Manufacturers and distributers are legally not permitted to organise the return and recycling of their packaging individually, but are obligated to participate in a permitted packaging scheme (so called Dual System).

The selected packaging scheme then organises the collection, sorting, and recycling of the packaging nationwide.

All actors, including online retailers, who bring packaged products (including padding material) onto the German market and which end as waste with the consumers, are subject to the Verpack V and Verpack G.

The principle of extended product responsibility applies here.

The packaging schemes are required to reach the following minimum annual average rates for their contracted packaging volumes in terms of preparation for recycling and reuse.

What are the objectives for reusable beverage packaging?

However, registration (§ 9 Packaging Law) and data reporting requirements (§ 10 Packaging Law) cannot be transferred to third parties, but they can still be prepared by competent third parties.

The In the future, packaging schemes will also be required to take ecological criteria into account when determining licence fees.

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