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POF introduced me to far more crazies, stand-ups and general crazy people than any other dating site I tried.

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Not that I blame her for picking someone better, but it doesn't make it suck any less! You eventually get really good at filtering out people that are high risk of being a bad match, then just go on as many dates as you can and hope for the best. I've been on Fetlife for years and a good 50% of the males there look like serial killers and rapists.

As far as females go, I;d say about 50% are morbidly obese.

Met my last two long term girlfriends on there, and am currently dating some really cool women. Met him on POF and it's been happily ever after.

Okc is a happy medium somewhere between people wanting one night stands, and people who want to get married.!! Granted, I still went on a lot of not so great dates before finding him, but it was a learning experience and led to some friends :)I've tried them all when I spent a summer in Calgary.

The less time spent invested in a person before you date them, the better.

It really depends on what you're looking for, but for me, Okcupid is the way to go.I've had amazing success on Craigslist, but you really need to understand the ropes. I have a feeling they're mostly bunk, but can't confirm.edit: ultra-ultra-ultra-ultra-crazy ex.This can happen on any of those sites, unfortunately..Met good, hard working guys who were honest and just 'normal' who I didn't click with.Met the guy I'm currently seeing on POF and we are like two peas in a pod.It really depends on your gender, what you're looking for, and how much effort you're willing to put in to it.

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