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Akash Modi and Yul Moldauer look like the new bloods. I know Sam Mikulak's still going strong after his injury, so I'm thinking he's shooting for 2020. Scroll down to the bottom of the comments until you see the words newer and newest next to the number of comments on the right, those words are links that will lead you to a new page of comments.

Dollars to donuts those "People" didn't show up until someone posted that photo of the team on the gay sites.[quote]Cuban cutie Danell Leyva will compete in the Olympics after all. His nudes are all over the web, erect cock and all.

He wears pro-gay t-shirts and posts videos for the LGBT community, even though he's not gay.

This time the Olympian, who is a multiple medal winner is closeted.

The door is wide wide open, but he hasn’t stepped out yet.

Update on the current two gayest gymnasts: Paul was dancing in front of NYC Go-Go boys on last night's IG story. Also, Arthur Nory still talks like an excitable 12 year old girl and fake fawns over his female bffs in his elaborate snaps. That hug with his coach after he won Gold on Floor was everything. Max Whitlock's engaged to his girlfriend of nine years. And Arthur's pretty queeny on snapchat/IG stories in general, perpetually acting as the gbf with his female "crushes", so this isn't coming as a surprise IMO. I think he used to be on some team with Paul back in NJ.

I think the revelation of widespread sex abuse will probably put an end to this silly closeted bullshit. While the two Brazilians were wailing like banshees, he and his coach were locked in an intense embrace. Also speaking of floor, cute Japanese Kenzo Shirai pings to me. It's not a stretch that he would hang with other gay gymnasts in Rio. He's pretty candid about it, which is why he's popping up at a lot of networking events. He's an attractive guy, and I like him, but I don't see him in the pictures.People in the comments section are also confused about the girl. It really is too bad he has such an overbarring stepfather. Penev has to wait four years for the next Olympics.The stepfather almost acts like a boyfriend at times. And male gymnasts don't have as early an expiration date add the women.He just kind of pokes his head out from time to time. He's so earnest and wholesome, and honestly, I feel no vanity from him whatsoever. They've gone through so much together in college and at different gymnastics competitions. He's closer to his family and will be taking over their gymnastics gym, so he's moving into that next stage of a gymnast's life. He hooked up with this openly gay B list actor who was once on a hit network show now ended who would love to pull the Olympian out of the closet and go public. But alas, he's straight and married to college sweetheart. He's beautiful, and I'm sure he's aware of it, but I never feel like he's flaunting it. I wonder how many more competitions Jake has in him. Here's a picture of Jay Thompson: I don't feel like searching for his dedicated thread, so I'll just give his update here: Arthur Nory is still queening it up, poorly playing "The Entertainer", making fun of his hag, and being defeated by the Pommel Horse. Reza got engaged to his longtime boyfriend Adam Neely last year, but so far, like Jennifer Aniston, no wedding.

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