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The Earth Kingdom long withstood encroachments on their borders in the Fire Nation's century-long imperialist war.

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After the end of the Hundred Year War, the Harmony Restoration Movement aimed to bring all Fire Nation citizens living in the Fire Nation colonies throughout the western Earth Kingdom back the Fire Nation and return the land to the Earth Kingdom.

However, a number of these colonies, especially the older ones where Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation citizens had learned to live together in harmony, forming mixed families, rejected this change.

The people of the Earth Kingdom are proud and strong and adhere to a philosophy of peaceful coexistence and cooperation with the other nations of the world.

Earthbenders use their abilities for defense and industry and fiercely defended their cities against Fire Nation attacks during the Hundred Year War.

Though the Water Tribe aided the Earth Kingdom in the War, the conflict progressed poorly and took a heavy toll on them as the years passed.

This continued until the Coup of Ba Sing Se, when Princess Azula of the Fire Nation seized control of the Earth Kingdom capital city, Ba Sing Se.The humans could request the ability whenever they ventured into the Spirit Wilds, to aid in the gathering of food and resources.Others chose a nomadic lifestyle, traveling the wilds and staying at one place only as long as they could.By the following summer, the metropolis was occupied by the Fire Nation military, and although it had previously been asserted that the fall of Ba Sing Se would lead to the disintegration of any remaining Earth Kingdom forces, rebel fighters continued to resist foreign rule.This warranted Fire Lord Ozai's decision of burning the Earth Kingdom to the ground upon the arrival of Sozin's Comet.The Earth Kingdom is one of the world's four nations.

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