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Her presence in the room feels heavy, forlorn, and already exhausted. Inside, she heads straight to the bathroom, filling up the tub and lining the perimeter with nips of vodka.

The toilet seat keeps catching her eye, and she focuses in on it.

Vickery has no leads, and no interest in having Camille in his town.

She realizes just how hard this assignment (a “think-piece” she calls it) is going to be.

She has another flashback — one that's difficult to place. There’s a custodian walking by, and then a scene with droplets of blood. Once in the tub, Camille remembers another scarring moment from her youth: she's floating in some river water, like she's floating now, when she hears a group of boys shooting guns.

She follows them, and finds their filthy makeshift clubhouse in the woods.

Her body was found hung up on a clothesline by a group of hunters.

The second victim, Natalie Keene (Jessica Treska), has only recently vanished, and her body has not yet been found.The ring leader, a tall blonde, makes a joke about the missing girls, comparing them to the "dead" town of Wind Gap.Camille doesn't know it, but this is her half-sister Amma.("The bootheel of Missouri" Camille calls it, then later adding only two types of people come from there "trash and old money." Her?She's trash from old money.) The missing girl isn't the first in the town, either.Doing her due diligence, Camille wakes up and heads to the police station where she attempts to learn more about the two girls from the police chief, Vickery (Matt Craven).

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