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Economic, environmental and social factors are now recognized as also playing important roles.

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If companies disclose information following a standardized approach, it enables the comparability between organizations both within Pakistan and internationally.

Customers can use this information to evaluate the performance of one company against another with respect to certain indicators, such as the total number of employees by age which shows a company is not relying on child labour.

Already touched on is the competitive advantage in the international marketplace, whether that be Pakistani companies investing overseas, directly selling their products abroad or supplying multinational companies.

Customers, particularly those in European markets, increasingly reward companies which disclose their sustainability impacts.

At the same time it should also be the concern of those who want fairer, more sustainable development both within Pakistan and throughout the wider world.

Awareness of sustainability has significantly changed in recent years.

Driven by the desire to alleviate poverty, this amazing growth has successfully reduced poverty levels but resulted in severe unintended consequences.

This has caused the global community to sit up and address the tension between the need for development and its negative impacts.

Within Pakistan, sustainability reporting is in its infancy but steadily growing.

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