Creative dating

Then, carve out a time during the week to practice together.

Research suggests working together to learn a new skill can actually tighten your bond....

You can only reveal more information about your prospective love interest if you hold on the match's profile.

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Photo courtesy of Hitch Hitch (i OS and Android—free)Friends know better, so this app lets your friends pick matches for you.

Once users log in with their Facebook accounts, they can then match their friends together through the built-in anonymous and private chat.

Like Tinder, it lets users swipe right to approve and left to pass.

Two users are only allowed to chat when they mututally swipe each other right.

But now, thanks to a bevy of apps and perhaps a general openness to finding love on the good ol' Internet, 40 million Americans have used some form of online dating at one point or another.

Even celebrities like Hilary Duff and Leo Di Caprio have jumped on the bandwagon.

Take a cue from your childhood and play Mad Libs, using inside jokes that you know will have the other one in stitches.

For something a little less G-rated, try the adult version of the classic party game, available at the i Tunes store.

And if you're not looking for the love of your life (or even one for a night), they're also good for finding a concert buddy, setting up group dates, exploring fun, new date ideas, and choosing who you do (or don't) interact with.

One of them even lets you search through a "manventory" and add users to your "shopping bag." We'll just leave that idea there. Less focused on selfies, the app asks users to provide a quirky or interesting personal fact, which is then superimposed over a blurred profile image.

There are sites for practically every religion and ethnicity, and even sites for redheads and men with mustaches.

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