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Communications regulator Ofcom received over 45 complaints after 282 shots of penises and 96 shots of vaginas were broadcast in the space of one episode.

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In "Epic Winter", he wears his 'Signature - Royals' letter jacket with a fur-lined collar, but it is under the doll line, "Epic Winter", not "Signature" or "Signature - Royals". His clothing mostly consists of letterman (sports) jackets or in other words "letter jackets", and gold crowns for his head.

He dresses formally and casually with a mixture of letter jackets to bring out that unique look.

For the most part, Daring is his father's son - he is, obviously, quite charming and handsome.

He is also quite egotistical and conceited and very infatuated with his appearance, as he is often seen with a mirror or flashing his smile to girls.

It is apparent that Daring's sanity, confidence, and happiness all revolve around him seeing himself in the mirror. He is often seen escorting his (previous) future queen Apple White and he is well-practiced in gallantry.

Daring also takes extra precaution when his teeth get whitened by covering his mouth to not risk blinding passing students.

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According to the Ever After High books, he has numerous cousins and each set uses the same first letter in their names.

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