Dateline nbc interracial dating special

“They didn’t know each other before, and now they are sitting in a room talking about intimate personal details about the allegations,” she said.

No women raised their hands to that question, she said.

“I believe it’s healing and it’s cathartic to be able to talk to each other, to look around and be together,” said one woman, Sunni Welles.

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Snow said all of the women who have publicly accused Cosby were asked to participate in the interview, which was recorded in Los Angeles in late August. Snow said she interviewed four other women involved anonymously in a 2005 case against Cosby, and two of them subsequently said they would join the other women on camera.

The interview took five hours, and NBC’s team had to edit it down to a one-hour special that airs at 9 p.m.

Obviously the music was so powerful, and also we had to wear the headphones so the adults could not hear the lyrics to any of the songs.” Immediately after Prince’s death was confirmed on Thursday, TV networks took quick action to alter their programming with MTV, MTV2 and VH1 airing a block of his most iconic music videos throughout the day, and Brian Williams hosting a live hour devoted to Prince on MSNBC last night.

Currently, BET is running a music video marathon for up to 48 hours across its four channels — BET, BET Soul, BET Jams and Centric.

Some of the women hadn’t discussed their cases before in such a public forum, Snow said.

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