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If you are a young person seeking advice on sexual relations please refer to some of the following websites: Age of consent laws attempt to strike a balance between protecting children and young people from exploitation and other harms, and preserving their right to privacy and healthy sexual development.

Young people at the age of consent are viewed by law to have general sexual competence to enforce personal boundaries and negotiate the risks involved in sexual activities.

Note: Starting in round 13, respondents were no longer asked about the number of dates and the number of dating partners.

Beginning in round 6, the instrument expanded to gather more detailed information on dating patterns and relationships, and habitation status (e.g., cohabiting, married, etc.).

NLSY79 Children age 13 and older have reported on their sexual activity beginning in 1988.

Children age 15 and older have also provided information on contraceptive use since 1994.

Such laws effectively determine that children and young people below the age of consent are yet to reach a level of general maturity enabling their safe participation in sexual activities.

In relation to sexual abuse charges in each state and territory, the key difference between child sexual assault and adult sexual assault is that adult sexual assault is based on the absence of sexual consent, whereas in child sexual assault, the issue of consent is superseded by age of consent laws (Eade, 2003).

The dating section follows relationships across rounds to find out how on-going dating relationships progress and/or end.

In rounds 1 and 2, data on sexual activity were obtained from respondents who were at least 14 years old; all respondents were eligible in later rounds.

Finally, these respondents stated the method of birth control used most often.

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