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The refrain “Barynya, barynya, sudarynya-barynya” (landlady, landlady, madam-landlady), is also typically repeated throughout the course of the dance.Dance originating from the Karelian peoples of present day Republic of Karelia (Russia), Leningrad Oblast and Finland.All persons featured on site were not less than 18 when they were photographed.

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Traditional Russian folk dance is as broad and diverse as the nation itself.

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While most foreigners identify traditional Russian dance with the stomping and and knee bending characteristic of Eastern Slavic dance styles, many forget about traditions of dance that originated from Turkic, Uralic, Mongolic and Caucasian peoples who are also native to Russia.

Below we have identified a small list of popular folk dance from Russia.

Culturally and linguistically related to their Finnish cousins, Karelian dance also has similarities.

Below is a folk dance originating from the Komi peoples of north European Russia and northwestern Siberia (mostly west, but also east of the Ural mountains).

The first four (from the Khorovod to the Chechotka), are traditional Russian dances that first come to mind when thinking of Russian folk dance.

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