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I jokingly asked if she was planning to spend the night in the hallway to make sure we couple she knew that hadn't begun their trip with a fight.

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Clearly, the demands on the bachelors were tougher than on the women who were grilling them.

Ever since the infamous quiz show scandals of the 1950s, the feds had insisted that TV game shows be honest -- or that at least they didn't cheat.

I am the Youth Pastor at epikos Church in Milwaukee, WI!

I am married, have a dog named Grace, and a dope beard. It's well researched and written, and it's easily adaptable. An intern used the entire series as a template to boil down into a single message, and we liked the content so much that we plan to teach each message individually the next time through it.

Week 1: Who to Date and How Week 2: Friends Without Benefits Week 3: Let’s Talk About Sex Week 4: DTR: Define Those Relationships! Jesus saved me at 17 while I was on a mission trip.

This Resource Includes: 4 word-for-word manuscripts (including some leader suggestions) A list of possible questions students may ask for a panel discussion (only available in entire series package) A title and background graphic. This series is a deep dive into how God wants young people to pursue God-honoring relationships! I went to Trinity College of Florida and started doing Youth Ministry at 19.

As noted, I was one of the many bachelors the program offered up like cuts of meat to the ladies.

The women who publicly shopped us were chosen in auditions run by the show's producer, Chuck Barris -- a man who also devised That was another ABC workhorse, and one that also traded on a mildly salacious premise.

That meant being entertaining, which is to say funny, racy or both.

It was all about performance, and it was obvious that Barris had a Rolodex of guys he could rely on to titillate his audience. I suspect that the use of repeat talent wasn't completely obvious to most viewers, although it wasn't a dark secret.

But more than that, the women couldn't actually see us (we were behind a partition), and they were frequently unable to remember who had said what. In fact, the one time that I actually won the date, the young lady who picked me told Lange that she made her decision because "she always liked the number two." I was bachelor number two.

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