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Talk to Tifa, and tell her "I don't know" when she asks you about war.

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Born on December 2, 1996, Jordan Barrett is an Australian fashion model.

Beginning his career at the age of 14, Barrett is now one of the rising models and in 2016, he was selected as “Model of the Year” by Before Fame: He began his modeling career when he was just 13 years old.

When asked if there's someone else, answer yes, and say it's Barret. Marlene asks how you feel about Aeris, answer "I don't know".

When you meet Red XIII, asks Barret to take care of Aeris.

For more information, contact him on twitter and Instagram.

I thought I wanted to be an astronaut but now I want to be a baseball player tomorrow I will want to be something else, I think everyone should have a home… It’s something I was not really exposed to in Australia so much.

Meet with Zack's parents, and then leave town without speaking to any of the two girls.

Do not go near Wutai, so that you don't trigger the Wutai sidequest if Yuffie is in your party. Also: i managed to forget to talk about Aeris on the ship to Costa del sol and i dont remember telling a little girl in kalm yeah maybe, so i had about 15-20 runs with the Cosmo Canyon trick just in case.

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