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I am a professional personal, business, and organizational management expert seeking to help individuals, families, and organizations address life challenges more efficiently.

The referendum was to allow Pickett County to become its own emergency communications district.

Pickett County Administrator of Elections Tim Clark reported to the PRESS that after he reviewed the article and the questions posed, he contacted the attorney with the state election office and Tennessee Emergency Communications Board Executive Director Curtis Sutton for validation of the referendum.

The earliest the board could take action to order the referendum, following a public hearing, would be during the August meeting.

If everything was completed and approved by the August 1st meeting, the referendum could possibly be placed on the November ballot.

I feel that being 61 years old and celebrating 42 years of marriage this year endows me with a measure of life experience that enhances my ongoing clinical training.

Marriage enrichment and pre-marital counseling are two areas which I particularly enjoy working in.

According to TECB Executive Director Curtis Sutton, as of Tuesday, May 29th they have not received one.

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