Dating fiestaware

The pottery itself had changed, so with some of the molds, the lids were collapsing, and they had to physically change some of the designs.

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Fiesta is made in West Virginia, and I’m from West Virginia originally.

I was a thrift store fanatic in college, and I would see this unmarked colored dishware that just really caught my eye.

That was probably Riviera, because Fiesta would be marked.

People would know Fiesta, but Riviera wouldn’t be marked, so often they wouldn’t know what it was. I think it’s the color that everybody responds to first with Fiesta. : Yes, Homer Laughlin Pottery Company in Newell, West Virginia. Fiesta started in January 1936 and went through the war.

There’s a little less of it, next to maybe medium green, which they only made for a few years.

After the war, they introduced 1950s colors, and then it dwindled and they redesigned it a little bit.

The red had uranium in it, and during the war the government needed uranium, so they couldn’t get the materials and they quit making it.

Red was always more expensive because the materials were more expensive, and it still is probably the most desirable color.

All you have to do is put your finger inside of a water pitcher and the new ones have what they call a little dimple inside the handle.

As soon as you know that, you’ll never be fooled again. You can go to your mall, like to a big Macy’s department store, and you can buy Fiesta.

It should have the same back stamp as the jumbo mug (above), but it got stamped with a “Fiesta®” ink stamp.

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