Dating ge vacuum tubes

I am working on posting the RCA HB-3 Tube Handbook on line on this site (on it's own page).

I've also posted Sylvania tube manuals on their own page.

Current audio vacuum tube production is still largely limited to 3 locations: China, Russia and the Czech and Slovak Republics.

dating ge vacuum tubes-27

a A 1-46 a B 2-46 ab 4-31 ac 1-49 ad 7-44 ae 4-32 af 2-49 ag 5-32 ah 7-47 ai 5-31? ao 3-49 ap 1-45 aq 1-55 ar 1-39 as 2-55 at 3-55 au 6-31?

av 4-61 aw 5-61 ax 6-61 ay 7-67 az 8-67 ka 1-44 kb 1-50 kc 4-54 kd 12-46 ke 2-37 kf 9-40 kg 11-37 kh 2-50 ki 4-57 kk 10-41 kl 12-32?

- Courtesy of Chuck Mc Gregor, N7RHU 1957 Receiving Tube Data short-form (5.5MB PDF file) RCA HB-3 Tube Handbook page 1932 RCA R-10 Tube Manual (8.8MB PDS file) Courtesy of anonymous donor 1934 RCA RC-12 Receiving Tube Manual (3.6MB PDF file), with PDF index 1948 RCA RC-15 Receiving Tube Manual (13MB PDF file) Courtesy of anonymous donor 1951 RCA RC-16 Receiving Tube Manual (15MB PDF file) Courtesy of anonymous donor 1954 RCA RC-17 Receiving Tube Manual (15MB PDF file) Courtesy of anonymous donor 1956 RCA RC-18 Receiving Tube Manual ( 25MB PDF file) Courtesy of Walter Welch, AI4SP 1965 RCA RC-24 Receiving Tube Manual (CAUTION LARGE 24.2MB PDF file) Courtesy of an anonymous donor 1966 RCA RC-25 Receiving Tube Manual (35.6MB PDF file) Courtesy of anonymous donor 1968 RCA RC-26 Receiving Tube Manual ( 38MB PDF file) Courtesy of Walter Welch, AI4SP 1934 RCA "Amateur Transmitting types" (1.3MB PDF file) 1938 RCA TT-3 Air-Cooled Transmitting Tube Manual (8.8MB PDF file) - Great transmitting tube data, has most of the 800- and 1600-series tubes and beautiful pen-and-ink illustrations, with PDF index 1956 RCA TT-4 Transmitting Tube Manual ( 13MB PDF file) Courtesy of Walter Welch, AI4SP "Beam Power Tubes" (2.3MB PDF file) by O. Schade, RCA publication ST-59, March, 1938 - A very nice technical paper about beam-power tubes, their operation, and application in audio power amplifiers 1941 Phototubes (PDF, 3.2MB) - Courtesy of John Atwood 1960 Receiving Type Tubes for Industrial and Communications short-form data (15MB PDF file) 960 RCA Interchangeability Guide, (5.1Mb PDF file) - Tube substitution manual - - Thanks to Gary Smith!

1956 RCA Reference Book (28MB PDF file) - This consists of an introduction (including some schematics) and individual tube datasheets, which were in a binder like the RCA HB-3.

Links for information & history of various manufacturers: https:// v=Uc RTGVen N9U More information such as company history can be found on each manufacturer’s website.

The competition in the high end segment of the market between the Chinese companies, along with the falling Renminbi, and the recoup of production line costs by big firms, has led to aggressive pricing for Chinese premium tubes.

In addition to the data I have scanned and posted, if you're looking for data on a particular tube you should visit TSDL on Duncanamps website, or Frank's tube data.

Another spot to look, which is especially useful if you're looking for replacement types and tubes with similar bases or characteristics, is the NJ7P tube database.

It's no wonder they went to such lengths to assure the customer only Telefunken had a solid product guarantee. I especially like the image of the electronics shop proprietor, in his white lab coat looking like a Werner Von Braun rocket scientist!

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