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An important type of Egyptian art as well as the more nomadic Celtic culture, jewellery was a feature of Byzantine art in Medieval Kiev, African art throughout the Dark Continent, Oceanic art across the Pacific and both Aztec and Inca culture in the Americas.

Indeed, jewellery - like body painting and face painting - has been a fundamental element of tribal art for millennia.

Considered to be decorative art, jewellery is one of the oldest categories of precious metalwork.

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Goldsmithing includes filing, soldering, sawing, casting, smelting, polishing a range of precious metals, skills which used to be acquired through apprenticeships in workshops run by practising goldsmiths.

Today, many students train at jewellery Arts Schools devoted to goldsmithing, and precious metal arts fabrication.

Among the most famous jewellery-makers are Fabergé of Russia, Tiffany & Co of New York and René Lalique and Cartier of Paris.

One of the most expensive types of art, the basic components of jewellery include metal sheet, metal cast in a mold, and wire.

The most widely used metal is gold, because of its malleability, ductility, colour and value.

Gold sheets may be embossed into shape, or pressed or pierced into decorative forms, while gold wire is often employed to join jewels together or to make chains.The method was first fully exploited by Romanesque goldsmiths, in the ornamentation of plaques, caskets and vessels, as exemplified by the Stavelot Triptych.More difficult than champlevé, Cloisonné is another type of enamelling process.While champlevé creates sunken compartments of decorative enamel work, cloisonné enamellers solder flat metal strips (or silver/gold wires) onto the surface of the metal object, creating mini-walled compartments (cloisons, in French) which are then filled with enamel and fired.Yet another method of enamel work, it is similar to cloisonné, except that the floors of the 'compartments' are engraved with a low-relief design.Another related embossing technique is known as Chasing.

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