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Other small changes included Celestion 15-watt speakers compared to Fender’s preference for Jensen 15-watt models.

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Seriously though, killer tone via RS transformers and KT66 GZ34 tubes. One changed knob but the good news is it's an early April 1970! it looks and feels correct and sounds very nice in combination indeed. This is probably the biggest sounding 2x12 I've heard...

Original utput transformer is most likely late 1969 but the power transformer, although a correct Marshall replacement, is from late 70's or early 80's. An original March '72 B cab with fully functional & correct T1281 quad. The silver alnico has it's 003 Pulsonic cone well in tact and sounds superb. it's all original apart from the baffle which was replaced with correct thickness ply birch.

*3 This PT did not come into production until 1967.

This may be a replacement or incorrect information.

Amp and cab are all original and are in rare smooth levant.

Cab has its original Celestion 20W speakers all in original condition with 1777 cones. One of the best (if not, thee best) 45's I've had the pleasure to hear. The 3 Radiospares transformers alone would be worth the price but a whole ready amp with era UK vintage mil-spec pots, tag-board, knobs, parts etc (dig the classic plastic tape labels! Have some various singles as well if trying to restore something...? All components are original but this amp's circuit came stock with small red chicklet Wima tone caps which sounded boxy and well, just plain bad.Everything was redone with vintage appropriate mustard caps and the amp came alive! This 1986 model 50w Bass circuit sounds creamy and thick with some serious gain on tap!sweeter, smoother distortion/gain with the 1986 bass circuit undoubtedly which was thoroughly (meaning, to full Marshall specs) and...This big and beautiful circa early or mid-80's Marshall 2x12 cab has the distinct features of being a larger size 1936 model with gold piping, check cloth and a top handle as well as the side inserts.This 50w is a great example of a mid-70's MKII Marshall but has the added bonus of being converted to bass spec!

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