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Despite its no long history of use within the technology sector email is still the most effective delivery method for attacks. Despite their importance companies around the world have struggled to make them a secure platform free from viruses or malware (for the purposes of this article the words “virus” and “malware” are used interchangeably and are used to describe malicious code).This is often referred to a social engineering and can be defined as the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information.

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Hackers use such tactics as they are incredibly effective.

Such tactics are effective as they exploit our natural inclination of trust.

The attachment is often presented as a Microsoft Word document but in reality that contains malware.

Locky was spread through another campaign using this method.

The attachment contains a malicious payload which when opened can be installed.

This method has been seen in ransomware campaigns, namely Crypto Wall, Golden Eye, and Cerber.

Once this is understood malicious emails can be easily detected and dealt with.

The rest of the article is dedicated to doing exactly that.

It is also important to see who the sender is first before opening the email.

If it sent from an address you are not in regular contact with it is advised not to open the email.

To create an exhaustive list of all the types of malicious email could fill a novel and hackers don’t just use the same method over and over again.

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