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I know on the one Ask Wos (maybe the last one) they were talking about restructuring and putting Ask Wos under BOMM to make everything more consolidated and easier for listeners. My guess is they are figuring stuff out and maybe moving to another company, restructuring or something. On Wos speaks like a week and a half ago Wos was saying for the next couple of episodes it's going to be on both channels but for the rest of the episodes it's gonna be on Bomm feed.Makes it seem like there's some planned longevity.If not for the twitter traffic there is no other digital footprint for the brand.

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Listen / download / subscribe on: You Tube - CK3jo Sound Cloud - Jf i Tunes - Stitcher - Our 1997 compilation album of singles, b-sides and rarities from 1996-1997 gets its first official release on vinyl via our label Rock Action Records.

As one of the founding members of this reddit who stepped aside for a minute.. Lack of Ads has been mentioned on here but I think there is more to the story, In many ways True Hoop/TBF was successful not only because of the die hards we see on twitter but because it was able to pick up casual traffic from ESPN, without that mothership things seem fractured from a building audience standpoint.

I don't know much about the investors but I don't believe they have done a good job of building the brand and have almost left everything to Jade and Co. Zach & Tom have their own work on writing front to be saddled with also doing marketing.

Unlike other podcast networks like Slate, Gimlet, Ringer; LTC has essentially no landing spot.

Chat pod content is persistent, and remains in a meeting room until deleted.

If you want to preserve Chat pod content for future use, send the content through email.

Being bought out, seems more plausible so far But this is (not ready to use "was" here) the only way to go as they offer a pretty diverse range of Podcasts.

Even if many of the creators overlap the listenership seems to be more distributed.

As a presenter, you can use more than one Chat pod simultaneously.

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