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However, he (and in the vast majority of cases it is men who are the intended targets) should be watchful too.

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All these sites turned out to be phishing – the scammers used them as bait to access Odnoklassniki accounts.

In addition, some of these bogus sites also asked for a phone number, potentially sparking a torrent of mobile spam.

However, once the money has been spent no access is provided – because there is no content to access.

Usually, these web resources do not last long – in a few weeks or even days the fake welcome pages of online dating sites disappear, or their content is changed to typical spam adverts (Viagra, etc.) The mobile phone often turns out to be the ally of the “honey trappers”, who sometimes use rather crafty tricks.

These fake sites not only pose risks associated with phishing or malware – they can also jeopardize the wealth of the unwary user.

One simple scam to loosen the users’ purse-strings is to demand registration or confirmation of age via a text message costing from 0.30 USD to 12 USD.

The message offers the chance to make new friends and start serious relationships.

Dates can be arranged, while special apps are offered to chat, flirt and rate photos. ***********.5But the link in this email led to an infected web page: Phishing attacks are yet another threat.

In many cases, the text of the message is generated automatically using templates of typical phrases – clearly visible if you look through several emails in a row. Similar emails are spread widely in almost all major languages.

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