Dating ovation electric guitars

The Ovation Guitar Company is a manufacturer of guitars.Ovation primarily manufactures steel-string acoustic guitars (both 6 and 12-string versions) and nylon-string acoustic guitars, often with pickups for electric amplification.Once the engineers had settled on a parabolic shape, they turned their attention to developing a substance that could be molded into this bowl-like shape.

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Ovation developed a thin neck, striving for the feel of an electric guitar's neck, but with additional strength from layers of mahogany and maple reinforced by a steel rod in an aluminum channel.

For its soundboards, Ovation uses Sitka spruce, a wood that Kaman engineers used in helicopter blades.

The R&D team spent months building and testing prototype instruments.

Their first prototype had a conventional "dreadnought"body, with parallel front and back perpendicular to the sides.

Charles Kaman, still an avid guitar player, became interested in making guitars.

From 1966 to 2007 Ovation guitars, and later on Adamas guitars, were a brand of KMCMusicorp, which itself was a subsidiary of Kaman Aircraft. production of various acoustic guitars in the New Hartford factory.The latter are also well known for the use of carbon fiber tops (instead of the typically wood tops for acoustic guitars).Among musicians the relatively thin neck stands out as well, compared to other acoustic guitars.Ovation claims the parabolic bowls dramatically reduce feedback, allowing greater amplification.Improved synthetics techniques from helicopter engineering control vibrations in the bowl.The innovation was the use of a thinner, synthetic back, because of its foreseen acoustic properties.

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