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We want to see if there might be a spark of chemistry. Some women post younger pictures rather than who they are now.) Unfortunately, our society has made beauty so very important. While you cannot regress in age, you can make the best of what you have.Pictures from long ago do not give us that information. If your teeth are not sparkling white, your face is not sculpted, your body is not lean and tan, you do not fit the profile of beauty as the manufacturers of cosmetics and cosmetic aids tell us is acceptable today. Let your special nature shine through in current photos.

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Don’t lose your audience with bare body pictures unless you have an absolutely perfect bare chest, and few men do.

While a bare body picture may appeal to one in ten women, the other nine are on to the next profile.

As you can see, the right lighting can capture the sparkle in your eyes, or the beauty of your smile. Since you only have a handful of images to show someone who you are and entice them into meeting you, why risk a poor end result?

Hire someone who knows what they are doing with a camera.

The best time to take a picture is during the first hour that the sun comes up and the last hour before it goes down. Although our smartphone cameras have come along way, they still can’t compete with a digital SLR camera, and your friend’s photography skills cannot compare to those of a professional (unless your friend is also a dating coach or photographer.) As an expert in this field, we know what pose, what angle, what look, is going to produce the very best shot of you.

If you have a shaded setting a few hours plus or minus will work as well. So while it may seem that everyone is a photographer these days, I would say, yes but not everyone is a good one.When women see two men together in a photo, we are automatically going to look at (and maybe salivate over) the youngest one. And as for having your beautiful daughter in the picture with you, no woman in her right mind wants to compete with that image!The subconscious line of thinking goes, “daughter is beautiful, former wife was beautiful, I’m not beautiful, on to the next profile.” #4 Body Expose’ Pictures You exercise, you eat right, you admire your body.Most men would be amazed at what can be turn offs to women.Man boobs top the list with some women, and with all the endocrine disruptors out there in society today, many men have them.There is a time and place to share that bare body with us, and profile pictures are not that place or time.

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