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ALL | 1902 -1944 | 1945 -2010 Henry Sturmey was also editor of a cycling magazine and so ,from the beginning, Sturmey-Archer always saw the benefit of advertising.

Many of the advertisements are no longer politically correct but reflect thinking at that time.

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ALL | 1902 -1944 | 1945 -2010 Here can be found general company information, sales catalogues, prices and bike pictures through the years, newspaper articles, production information and factory views.

There is even a contribution from Englands then national poet.

I have put considerable effort into keeping these charts accurate, and - as stated before - not all of them are finalized.

Therefore, I would prefer that the charts remain completely accessible for editing when necessary.

"T" serials replaced "P" serials sometime mid-year 1950.

Digits or letters in serial do NOT relate to month/year/day codes; only the serial in whole determines the year.

NOTE: This numbering system apparently ran until 1955, possibly longer, and concurrently with the newer serial system that debuted in 1948 (shown below).

Raleighs of any model may be seen with either serial number type during this era.

By 1961/62, an additional-single letter suffix was added, presumably as an identifier of the factory the frame was produced, for every single example I've seen is represented by the letter "N," which is not unreasonable to assume stands for Nottingham.

Neither it is not out of the question that other letters may exist, representing Raleigh's other factories.

The entirety of the second serial chart is of our own research and are estimates - as accurate we can practically make them - of the serial numbers from the year and serial in question.

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