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P enlists the talents of Roger's classmates to break into Amanda's apartment and paint graffiti on the walls so he could frame Roger as a stalker. P is a fraud, who uses multiple identities and false stories to attract or distract his victims. P invited Amanda to Miami, Roger is determined to stop him once for all. P tells him he is a winner and grants him two tickets – one for him and one for Amanda. Amanda finally realizes she was wrong and returns to Roger. P grants him a diploma for passing his course – the first diploma ever issued by him.

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Dating is hard, Tinder is rubbish and there's nothing you can do but stay in and be sad about it, right? You can go to a Smudge Lipstick event for a night of alternative dating, from Dirty Scrabble Dating (Speed dating and scrabble with dirty words) to their hilarious, sell-out Diary Days, it's time to find you someone with a sense of humour.

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The film is based on the 1960 British film School for Scoundrels. The remake has a similar theme to the original film, but a noticeably different plot and tone.

Roger (Jon Heder) is a downtrodden meter reader, subject to ridicule from co-workers and regular denizens, who dreams of dating the foreign graduate student who lives in his building, Amanda (Jacinda Barrett).

To overcome his lack of self-esteem, he signs up for a course taught by Dr.

P (Billy Bob Thornton) where Roger and his classmates are constantly bullied by Dr.

Thanks in advance, Hey there John -- You have a 1972 vintage gun - the first year of the reintroduction of the 1895.

School for Scoundrels is a 2006 American feature/comedy film, starring Billy Bob Thornton and Jon Heder, and directed by Todd Phillips.

While participating, Roger begins to develop a sense of personal pride and finally asks Amanda for a date where he uses tricks he learned during the course. When Roger begins to see what's happening, he decides to take action to get Amanda back, although his actions are futile. P, Roger heads to the right gate and boards the plane to Miami in the last moment.

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