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At 50, she dreamed of finding a partner with whom to spend her golden years and joined the free dating website Plenty of Fish to facilitate that.

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But I was more upset about the hurt, the advantage taking. Sean Hopton said fraudsters take photographs from the web and build bogus lives on the Internet solely for the purpose of entrapping women looking for love.

It took me a while to trust again.” This may sound like an especially devious scheme, but in the world of fraud, it’s neither shocking nor uncommon. “I would say to anyone using these sites to be wary and skeptical and don’t have blind trust in someone,” he said.

By 1899, two railways had arrived in Newmarket, the first being Toronto, Simcoe & Lake Huron Union Railroad, and the second being the Toronto and York Radial Railway.

This railway brought a large number of people making day trips to Newmarket's market to shop.

He met my family, my colleagues, he spent money on me.

He was not particularly good looking, but he was very charming and romantic.” James Raultson, 48, who described himself as the owner of a construction company, went to great lengths to prove the emotions he felt toward her were real.

“We hit it off online and eventually went out on a date,” said the 58-year-old former Newmarket resident who didn’t want her last name published.

“Next thing you know, we were spending all of our time together.

Because of the anticipated violence from the American Revolution, several Pennsylvania and Vermont-based Quaker families wanted to move north to get away from the unrest, and did so with Timothy Rogers in 1801.

The first mill and mill pond were constructed by Joseph Hill on the Holland River by December 1801; that pond is now known as Fairy Lake.

“Don’t give money to someone you don’t know or haven’t met.” He added that a popular scam used by these men includes asking for money because bank accounts have been frozen or handing over fraudulent cheques and requesting they cash them.

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