Dating sites in macau

The temple is not only a tourist attraction in Macau, it’s a place of worship so be respectful while visiting it.

Dating sites in macau

On the 16 century Portugal rented Macau territory from China and stabilized there are profitable port and colony.

On 20th of December 1999, Macau was transferred back to China, it was the end of the last remaining European colony in Asia and the beginning of the one country, Done with historical facts!

The Fort was built between 1617 to 1626 as a safeguard to protect the city, but nowadays it’s a beautiful garden and one of the best spots to appreciate the city’s skyline.

The Museum of Macau is located inside the Mount Fortress with exhibitions that reflect the heritage, mix of culture and people that made Macau such an important city.

Paul’s Church and Na Tcha Temple, a cute Chinese Buddhist temple, that is worth to visit too.

The wall reflect the military defensive network of Macau.

Because of this, and also to understand the history behind Macau attractions we did a tour and no regrets! In one day we covered all the main tourist spots in Macau, visit historical places, try delicious food and even better, we had a super funny guide that helped us to appreciate the beautiful mix of Portuguese and Chinese heritage.

The tourist attractions we gonna list here you can visit by yourself, but I highly recommend you go on a guided tour.

to get from Hong Kong International Airport to Macau Taipa ferry terminal.

If you land in Hong Kong and want to go straight to Macau this is a super fast and easy route.

From the beautifully constructed church now we can only see the front facade of St Paul and the grand stone stairs.

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