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But that is still a problem to which a solution must be found”, Bizel said.

People who stay in Serbia for more than three months are no longer treated as tourists, but become illegal immigrants and must be treated according to the law, he said.

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The report also said there was a problem with enrolling refugees at colleges and universities because they were charged a foreigners’ tuition, but also with the issue of obtaining a personal work permit, which exceeded their financial capacity.

Bizel said the EU had since the start of the crisis in 2015 spent 80 million euros on supporting migrants in Serbia.

Bizel said Serbia should not expect a greater influx of migrants in the coming period but is ready for that possibility.

Bizel, the head of Sector I of operations at the EU Delegation, believes that the situation is stable, despite some unregulated migration still present, but urged the authorities to remain cautious because the stability could not be taken for granted.

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