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Believe, most of the women profiles there are fake !!!You will see the same pictures appearing on several profiles on a daily basis.

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The quality has gone down drastically if 1 to 5s can get in. Shameless ppl tryna take profit of ppl and steal their opinion they should be banned of the net! I know a few people who have found love on Beautiful People but it has not happened for me im afraid.

I made a decoy profile using my ugly bratty cousin's photograph and was accepted, meanwhile browsing at the current members made me think twice.

I think this site is above average and don't see any reason to believe it is's a scam.

I did meet someone so at least two users are real her and me, LOL:) But let's be honest here: Most women are average looking and Photoshop is their favorite tool:) In my opinion the average user on Beautiful People is not better looking than the average user on other well established dating sites like Mingle2day.

Personally I think it's up there with We Just at the pinnacle of the online dating sector.

Good news first: I was accepted, LOL:) I totally disagree with anyone claiming that this site is a scam.

It will hurt your ego if the voters decide that you are not pretty or handsome enough.

This can be very hurtful and kill your self esteem. Anyway, you can find good looking singles on any other dating site.

I actually think the person/people who manage the site are often the ones behind messages you receive.

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