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If all ten decline the introduction invitation, you can continue to select alternatives until one Latin lady agrees to communicate with you.The is for one Latin lady’s email address who has expressed interest in your profile.

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Seven months later you select another woman and she is interested in your profile.

You will be given this woman’s name and email address since the $95 payment has already been made. You selected ten women and five of the women are interested.

Select up to ten Latin ladies who you would like to know.

Only select women you intend to write, because you must pay for each girl that you selected that expressed an interest in your profile prior to the release of their names and email addresses.

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International Introductions translators care about your success and enjoyment and are trained, supervised and experienced to provide optimum support and insight into the Latin ladies you meet or date.

Experience has shown that guys using freelance translators or a lady´s English-speaking friend can be a great risk. Freelance Translators May conceal her suspicions of your date to avoid conflict or difficulties in her job. Keeps her eyes open and privately confers objective observations to you.

This service is for gentleman that want that special, yet by nature elusive woman.

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