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I see this as an investment in the future of GIMP flicks made to suit my tastes.

Just visitied the campaign site and it says there are 6 hours to go. But I do like these images recently posted by our friend Covers.

I think we can both agree, though, that that's an AWESOME picture! The fun there would be that sooner or later her leg muscles will give out and that starts the death. It's my favorite part of bondage per se, in that the restrictions eventually become so uncomfortable and painful that the body's screaming need for relief will end up hurting her more. But the great thing about villains is we like a stacked deck.

In the case of Arcas' scenario, the girl is perched uncomfortably on her tiptoes, which has got to hurt after a while. After teasing the victim with hopes that she might stay alive, they'll employ something like the retracting motor which will slowly pull away the posts that are supporting her.

But if she moves her feet, she'll not only hurt herself, but strangle and die because of the rope around her neck. Watching her futilely struggle until she eventually strangles is a sadistic thrill.

It's a very precarious position, one that will eventually kill her because she has no other way out. It's like taking away any slim hope she may have and telling her, "I control whether you live or die, bitch!

" The only problem with the deathtrap premise in movies is that it rarely ever gets a decent payoff.

It's ultimately just a big tease, foreplay without an orgasm.

Would you call locking someone in a burning house, BATS?

After all, you claim any method of burning her alive with an open flame should be called the same thing. Likewise, burning at the stake is definitely NOT the same as roasting and shouldn't be labeled the same way.

And if they aren't nearby, she's better off just shouting for help, because the GIMPers neglected to gag her. Also, I posted a preview of my upcoming custom with H3eroine L3gends: Since Yik Yakker brought up detective magazine covers, this site, might be of interest. Bad, but not as bad as the fate the girl in the picture is trying to avoid. I am registered on Artof Darkness and have been a fan of your work for sometime.

Oh well, it's just an excuse to show a babe in deshabille, which is OK I guess. It features a calendar for the month, with each day a different cover. Unfortunately, there is no archive of previous months. I have recently taken to dabbling in the digital medium using DAZ 3D, but your illustrations are so skillful that I am ashamed to post anything of my own.

-------------------- Arcas: Thanks again for your creative contributions. It does take time to create a good image and I don't have a whole lot of that to spare.

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