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LHA rates were reviewed and updated from April 2015 for all customers.

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Dla backdating rules

The number of bedrooms working age customers are able to claim for will be the same as those for customers in private rented homes under rules made by central Government.

A bedroom calculator is available on the Direct Gov LHA website. Customers with extra bedrooms are affected as follows: Mr & Mrs H live in a registered social landlord property with their 2 children - a boy aged 4 and a girl aged 6.

The changes were expected to affect 660,000 claimants.

Claimants can choose whether they want to pay the difference to their rent - on average £14 a week - or if they want to move to more appropriately sized accommodation.

From April 2013 LHA rates were set as the same for everybody in Private Rented Housing, there is no longer a yearly anniversary date where LHA rates change, instead all customers are subject to the same LHA rate.

Also from April 2013, any changes in rent are treated as Change in Circumstances, and will take effect from the Monday following the date in which we are notified of the change.

This reform will help to lead to better use of housing stock.

Extra support and exceptions Pensioners · These rules only apply to working age claimants.· People over the qualifying age for state pension credit or with a partner over that age are exempt.· Current mixed aged couples will continue to be exempt.

It's based on how a person's condition(s) affect their ability to lead an independent life, not the condition(s) they have. The new assessment will focus on an individual's ability to carry out a range of key activities necessary to everyday life.

Claims will normally be made over the phone, although claimants will also be asked to complete a questionnaire providing information on how their disability affects them.

Temporary accommodation · Homeless people living in certain types of temporary accommodation made available under specified legislation are not affected.

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