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“Romantic love is conditional, so you’ve got to keep her happy.” He tackles a wide variety of serious subjects on his show.

One of his most popular radio segments condemned domestic abuse after a caller asked about hitting a woman because she cheated on him.

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He gave an example of a simple gesture that can go a long way.

While your partner is washing the dishes, go up to her and kiss her, saying, “Honey, you’re the most beautiful dishwasher in the world.” (And maybe you could offer to finish up the dishes while you’re at it!

“If the mother is happy, the kids are happy, the dog is happy, and the husband is happy.” Thirty-five years ago, he began specifically looking into why women divorced men.

He wanted to know if there was some big mistake these guys were making.

The Short Version: Doc Love, a relationship coach with over five decades of experience, advises men on what to do (and what not to do) to keep a woman in love for years to come.

He came up with “The System” and “The Mastery Series” to teach men how to live out the saying “Happy wife, happy life.” His training resources go beyond simply getting a date and tackle the more long-term concern of satisfying your partner throughout your relationship.“Your book and radio shows changed my life.” The System taught him self-control, so when he met a gorgeous girl at the young adult group at his church, he knew how to approach her.He asked her for her number, waited seven days, and then asked her out.Rather than barrage her with texts between dates, he gave her space and added some mystery to the relationship.Taking his time and showing restraint, he didn’t say the “L-word” until he proposed to her, earning her respect and devotion.“In a short time, I have learned so much,” said Phil, a loyal follower of Doc Love’s teachings, “and I know that having Doc as my teacher and friend will only mean even further growth for my future years to come.” Doc Love enjoys hearing about the transformations of men who use The System.

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