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For example: Quoting with facts and sub-style of your writing.

stantiating your answer with related concepts and em- phasizing your point of view. Section -1 (Article Hind Mains Exam Strategy)SECTION - 1 (Article: : CSE Importance of General Studies Language Papers: Though, language papers are of qualifying nature only, Many candidates, particularly those with a professionalon should also give some time. Economy, Science & more than 50 percent marks, then I think no reason to Technology and Statistical Analysis are the areas that worry.

If you have clarity, you will of Civil Services exam demands self-confi enc e bd ecaus eeasily overcome of many problems. After select- who are hard working and intelligent and have taken ing optionals, materials and selection of study portion of syllabus, follow them strictly.5Copyright © 2009WWW. The right choice of reading material is im- syllabus. Choose only those portions of the book Statistics and Geography maps etc, practice is very im- which are part of your syllabus and especially you have portant.

One should be clear only this can keep you on the right track during theabout optionals, study materials, concept, thought, facts long preparation and examination. Follow the syllabus instead of reading wholeportant and crucial. One should also practice other subjects and made guess for this year examination.

Our readers will fi d B n udget 2009- 10 in very com r ehe ns iv m nne r. D e to lack o sel f-confi-duf and surviving, but a power seat; from where, one candence some time they see wrong in choosing options, change the world.

In th s articl e each and every p e a i thing of this year’s budget is described. Besides of these, no compromise have been done in regualar traditional features of Aspirants Times. Yes, here you can change the face ofsome time books, some time timing and some time in country, you can eradicate poverty and problems, andtheir-self. dal being successful at this exam, your fate is changed Low self-confi enc e a od nd ver-confi- and the same time you candent are two extremes. So ready der-confient , h ll a d taki n risksde’ voi g to face one of the toughestand stretching himself; and he might hurdle and if you cross it,not try at all.

Read, understand and become ready to do best in the coming battle. W th th right eal ie Here, through this article, I am trying to make easy theamount of self-confi enc e, o w ll take in o m d ri sks , d ne if r e toughest examination.

Preliminary examination is only stretch oneself and try hard.

Personality, News makers, Awards, Sports are continued. So after deciding, be determined and go for- you can change society. this service you execute de- Remember, self confi enc e d d oes n ot cisions and also participate mean over-confi enc e, so be cl eard in decision making and con-and ready to accept any negative side. And if he is over-confi- you are the king.dent, he may take on too much risk,stretch himself beyond his capabili- To become a king, youties, and crash badly.

A very important topic, Section 377 of the IPC, Fundamental Rights vs Acculturation is covered under the Hot Topics column. Getting this should have a winning strat- right is a matter of having the right egy, doing hard work systematically and good guidance.amount of confience, fodunded in r ity.

Under this column, there are Ten Mantras for success.

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