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The Pew Research Center reported that those who are used to the instant gratification of the internet age become frustrated if they don’t get what they need immediately.

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Many countries have worked and many are now in the process of creating legislation's to stop cyber bullying.

There are many organisations who are helping one is like that there are many others if you do google on these words you will get help.

This can create deep family problems and leading to breakups and divorces in families.8.

Cyber-bullying work is used for online bullying among children and Cyber-stalking replace the word cyber bullying for adults.

By Christina Wilson, Director, Customer Success, Creative Virtual USA Some organizations still view their customer communications in a linear fashion, with a definitive start and end point.

But as thought leaders like Mc Kinsey and others have pointed out, customers today often have a much more dynamic journey while researching a sales decision or requesting support.

Be careful, be alert and you are most probably safe against.

So, now lets talk of the safety measures you need to take.

Gartner reports that nearly 9 out of every 10 companies believe they will compete on customer experience by the end of 2016.

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